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GE low voltage light switching systems

We now offer services to replace those old wore out switches for GE low voltage lighting systems installed from the 1950s,60s,and 70s. Don't let anyone tell you can no longer get these parts. The switches have changed over the years but they are still available. The relays are still available too.

GE Low voltage light switches

Do your light switches look like these? We are able to get new switches to replace this old wore out switches. Most switch covers are also still available, however some of the specialty plates are no longer available.

Ge low voltage light switch. replacement light switch

This is the new style of low voltage light switches that GE now manufactures as the replacement. We are able to order these in white and gray. We keep ivory light switches in stock.

Old and new GE low voltage light switches

As you can see the new low voltage light switches fit perfectly with the old cutouts.

GE low voltage lighting system relays

Is the light switch working fine? No problem for us. The low voltage light switches work in sequence with the low voltage lighting relays to turn your lights on and off. These relays are are still available too and all of these parts are still made in the USA.

If you are having trouble with your lights or outlets, give us a call. We will setup and time to come out and take a look at your system and replace any parts needed to get you lighted again.